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    A perfectly grilled steak is all about a great cut, the right technique, and Sel Magique to bring it together. We can't emphasize enough that the quality of the steak itself - whichever cut you like - is paramount. Take your time, and note these technique tips to guide you in making your best steak.
    Course: dinner
    Cuisine: International
    Keyword: beef, Grill, steak


    • Select your cut. Tenderloin, Rib Eye, NY Strip - get the best cut and quality you can find, at 1 1/2 - 2" thickness.
    • Salt both sides lightly with Sel Magique Classic or Salt & Pepper Blend, and let the steak warm to room tempature (about an hour from the fridge). The Magique helps the meat cells soften and retain moisture to ensure a juicy steak, and bringing it to room tempature ensures the meat cooks properly.
    • Prepare your grill for dual zone cooking. You'll want a hot side to sear the meat, and a less-hot area to cook it. Gas Grill? put one burner on low, while the others are on high. If youre using charcoal (preferred, with hardwood charcoal for the best flavor) use your tongs to build a ramp of embers climbing up to one side of the grill to create high-low control.
    • Once your grill is ready, put on the streaks to char, then flip to the less hot area to cook to your desired temp. Medium rare (our favorite) is 125 degrees. We've learned that guessing isnt as reliable as a thermometer 🙂 invest in a quick-read type for trouble-free grilling.
    • Once the meat is done, let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. Why? This lets the protein and flavors mellow, and makes for a more delicious experience.
    • Plate and serve - we like a pat of herbed butter, a little parsley garnish, and a dash or so of Magique at the table. Enjoy!
    • This recipe adapted from @coastalgrillin - check out Kevin's very delicious instagram!


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