Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Fine Salt Blends


    Sel Magique® Classic, Spicy, and Salt & Pepper Blends are seasonally produced entirely by hand using traditional Celtic methods to harvest the salt.  Sea water from the Atlantic ocean is channeled into a complex system of protected, clay-lined salt ponds.  The sea water is slowly solar-evaporated forming a thin crust of delicate, moisture-rich salt crystals, the most prized product from the harvest. The crystals are hand-raked and collected by Paludiers, French salt farmers. This ‘Fleur de Sel’, which translates to English as ‘The Flower of Salt’, is widely regarded as the world’s finest salt for its high mineral content and distinctive, delicate flavor.  Artisans then blend our Fleur de Sel with our special recipes of hand-collected herbs and spices, and seal the mixtures to help infuse the herb and spice oils into the salt crystals. Sel Magique Brands LLC is the exclusive importer of our proprietary Sel Magique Classic Blend, Sel Magique Spicy Blend, and Sel Magique Salt & Pepper Blend.


    Our salts are hand-harvested in Guérande, France – where Fleur de Sel production dates to Roman rule in the 3rd Century. Our herbs are naturally grown without pesticides and hand-collected in Provence, France.


    Everything we use is 100% natural.  Click here for a detailed ingredient list of everything we produce or sell.

    No Additives

    No additives, preservatives, Iodine, or chemicals are added to our Classic Blend, Spicy Blend, or cocktail salts. They are 100% natural, artisanal products.

    Gluten Free & Vegan

    All Sel Magique salt blends and cocktail blends are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and are lactose-free.

    Sel Magique is Against GMO

    Sel Magique Salt Blends do not contain any genetically modified organisims (GMO).  Sel Magique Brands is stands against GMO ingredients.


    Sel Magique Salt Blends are produced in accordance with the regulations of kashrut practice. No animal, dairy or cross-contaminations of either foodstuff are used in or near the production or filling equipment during the production of our product.  BSE/TSE declaration: all of Sel Magique salt blend’s raw materials used are not of animal origin. The processing and packing material(s) which are used during production repacking or filling of the salt blends does not make contact with meat or dairy products.


    Sel Magique’s fleur de sel is produced in accordance with National Organic Program (NOP) Standards, European Union regulation (EEC), and EU-Eco-regulation standards, and is 100% organic, and produced from 100% organic ingredients.  Herbs, spices and other ingredients are produced with no pesticides, artificial ingredients, or processes.


    Sel Magique is the exclusive importer of our fine herb and salt blends, and does not sell, produce, or ‘private label’ for any other brand or company.


    Sel Magique Gives Back

    Sel Magique strongly believes in giving back.  As a company that relies on the ocean for its core products, we support Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation advocacy organization. Learn more at

    Other charitable affiliations include:

    –   Race to Erase MS 20th Anniversary Gala / Sharon & Jack Osborne

    –   RxArt

    –   KCET

    100% Natural is Who Are

    The Sel Magique Brand stands for exceptional 100% natural products. Anything we produce or sell on is always 100% natural, and organic when possible.

    Complimentary Shipping

    Every order of USD$65+ receives free ground UPS shipping to recipient addresses within the continental USA.  Magique Chocolate items are ineligible for free shipping because of their perishable nature, but purchases of $65+ do receive a free Market Tote. We look forward to shipping your order of Magique Chocolate UPS ground (1-day) if the recipient address is within the UPS ground (1-day) zone, shipping from us in 10003.

    Manhattan Hand-Delivery

    We’re pleased to hand-deliver your order for just $15, usually within a few hours. If you’d like this service, please call us at +800 434 6900, our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm.

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