• 100% pure fleur de sel de Guérande exotic sea salt, the world's finest gourmet sea salt.

Pure Fleur de Sel

100% Pure Fleur de Sel from Guérande, France. Moisture-rich, flaky crystals with a trace of brininess. A balanced mineral-rich saltiness. Use this luxurious finishing salt sparingly. Harvested only a few months each year from a pristine, protected site, this fine sea salt is the product of Sea, Sun, Wind and Savoir Faire. Paludiers, or salt harvesters, channel Atlantic sea water through elaborate clay pools to purify and evaporate, then collect only the topmost layer from the clay-lined salt ‘pans’. This process takes time and creates the world’s finest sea salt, ready for you to enhance the flavor of practically anything, in a dash. This 100% pure Fleur de Sel is the sumptuous base of our family of Sel Magique salt blends.

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