Aubin’s Omelette Pliée


    Aubin’s Omelette Pliée

    By Dylan Roberts Published: April 22, 2019

      Made in a way as one might make a traditional Parisian street crépe, this Omelette Pliée (folded omelette) can be enjoyed any time of the day or night, is easy to prepare. A delicious and nutritious meal or snack that fills you with energy and comfort. Aubin Crowell, living in Los Angeles, enjoys mixing his life travel and culinary experiences from around the world with inspiration from local farmers market produce to produce creatively fresh and healthy meals with love. Here he has combined French and American styles together to say "Hello California!". Always with fresh local organic eggs, milk, and produce. Enjoy!


      1. Mix eggs thyme, pepper and Sel Magique Classic Blend.
      2. Beat milk and egg mixture in a small bowl until blended.
      3. Heat butter on a flat stovetop griddle over low heat until melted. Very important to use low heat or the eggs will overcook. Use a brush or spoon to spread the melted butter evenly over the griddle. Pour egg mixture slowly, so it sets as you pour. Mixture should set immediately at edges.
      4. Add Organic Horizon’s American Cheese to the center of omelette once eggs have set. Add a generous pinch of Sel Magique Classic Blend.
      5. Using the top edge of your spatula, cut the omelette down the center vertically dividing in two. Fold the back third of omelette over cheese in the center portion then fold the front third over the center. You can turn off the griddle at this point and let it cook for a minute or two then turn over for another minute.
      6. Toss arugula or greens, lemon juice, Sel Magique Classic Blend and Olive Oil in a medium bowl.
      7. Serve Immediately with side salad and a pinch of Sel Magique.
      8. Photographed by Heidi Zumbrun. Visit her website at

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