Small Bag : Classic Blend

    Small Bag : Classic Blend


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    3 reviews for Small Bag : Classic Blend

    1. Marion Gunnarsson

      Great addition to salads, veggies and chicken. Be careful not to use too much, it can be strong. Just a dash will do.

    2. Luiza Santos Gomes

      Wonderful! It gave this salt out for gifts and everyone loved it! Now I need order some for myself! It’s a great flavor enhancer.

    3. Jane

      I’ve been using this for many years, a friend gave me some that she originally got in Provence, and when I ran out I was thrilled to find this facsimile here in my NY my local fancy market, and now since it’s available online, I always have a large backup bag, it’s my go-to seasoning on most things. I even have the classic grinder which I love, as you can control the coarseness, and it looks nice as a tool. Wonderful product. The price has gone up since I last ordered, but it won’t stop me from buying it, it’s great stuff.

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