Small Bag : Classic Blend

    Small Bag : Classic Blend


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    A gourmet kitchen staple, perfect for families and entertaining. Hand-harvested Fleur de Sel sea salt is batch-blended with thyme, lavender, savory, and marjoram. Sealed and aged into flavor like a fine wine. This blend’s high minerality and subtle herbal notes react to and enhance food flavors. You’ll use it on everything including meats, vegetables, for baking, desserts, and more. Our original blend, the savory standard.

    4 oz resealable stand-up bag, use to refill our jars, or in your favorite salt cellar.

    3 reviews for Small Bag : Classic Blend

    1. Marion Gunnarsson

      Great addition to salads, veggies and chicken. Be careful not to use too much, it can be strong. Just a dash will do.

    2. Luiza Santos Gomes

      Wonderful! It gave this salt out for gifts and everyone loved it! Now I need order some for myself! It’s a great flavor enhancer.

    3. Jane

      I’ve been using this for many years, a friend gave me some that she originally got in Provence, and when I ran out I was thrilled to find this facsimile here in my NY my local fancy market, and now since it’s available online, I always have a large backup bag, it’s my go-to seasoning on most things. I even have the classic grinder which I love, as you can control the coarseness, and it looks nice as a tool. Wonderful product. The price has gone up since I last ordered, but it won’t stop me from buying it, it’s great stuff.

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