Three Blend Set (Special Introductory Offer)

    Three Blend Set (Special Introductory Offer)


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    Discover the flavors of Sel Magique with our special introductory Three Blend Set. Three full-size vials (1oz each) of our fine Fleur de Sel blends: our original Classic Blend, Spicy Blend and Salt & Pepper Blend. This Special offer includes domestic ground USPS shipping.

    10 reviews for Three Blend Set (Special Introductory Offer)

    1. Momtographer

      Makes roast chicken and fish scrumptious! I would recommend this to a friend or anyone who likes to cook and enjoys a unique gift.

    2. Kmrdedek

      Sel Magique is awesome! Whenever something is lacking a little flavor, sprinkle some Magique on it and your taste buds will thank you! This delicious blend of salt and herbs is sure to make your next dish a hit!

    3. Haziago

      Now a staple in my kitchen. For salads and vegetables this is now my go to. Good on nearly anything though.

    4. Notadiva

      These herbs are great. Only problem I wish they came in a container and not small vials. I guess I will have to try one of the large jars! They add great flavor to everything I have cooked them with.

    5. Roshi Givechi

      Can really zest up so many meals. Great to use. Great as a gift!

    6. Peirre

      This is my favorite seasoning – it adds just the right amount of flavor to all kinds of foods. I love it on fingerling potatoes or roasted vegetables. Try spraying or drizzling your typical roasting veggies like brussels sprouts, carrots, red peppers, chunks of red potato with olive oil – then add a tablespoon or two of self magique and toss to coat. Roast in oven at 350 ’till fork tender.

      The vials are cute too – makes a great gift for the cook in your life!

    7. ELHFey

      Thought this sea salt flavored with French herbs sounded interesting, but it’s way beyond that!
      I’ve been on a low/no salt diet as long as I can remember, but this is so good, I find myself eating it alone straight from the jar!
      Have to save enough to actually use with food!!!

    8. Kathlyn Gausepohl

      Great product love it. Will order more.

    9. Windsurfer34

      Love it!

    10. Chef Pete

      This is my go-to seasoning blend. Love it!

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